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I want to begin by acknowledging the life altering events that the COVID pandemic has caused to each and every one of us; things that may never be the same and things that will never be the same, always hit hard on our emotions and wellbeing whether we like to admit it or not. Now, while personal loss may be nothing new to us, the way we have dealt with it and how we deal with it still, has been altered substantially. We no longer seek guidance from peers over a coffee or a drink or seek social comfort when in distress, and what I mean by guidance and social comfort was and I suppose is, the practice of discussion and the relaying of thoughts and ideas, that certainly need to find expression sooner rather than later. I must admit I would be remise if I were not to mention social media, and while it may work for some, it does not work for someone like me, for I know it is best for me to find a comfortable space to share ideas, and foster dialogue amongst peers, all while finding some incredible connections in the endeavour.

So, I have taken it upon myself, as an individual feeling like having an open-minded environment, to create such a space that feels organically created and just continuously accessible week or weekend. Yet this is nothing of a work project for me, but it does come from a place within me that feels "this is something we are missing now more than ever," the interaction of one another in a room that isn't held in a Facebook Group chat or a Zoom call but rather... a room.

I would like to share something quickly here while also staying to the point, now I as an ever growing individual, found solace in writing; seeing words bounce back into my eyes, all while finding peace that they found a forum of paper or computer screen - this writing is my hobby it brings me joy. Though as time went on, I found that those words would much rather echo back to me one word after another, over and over again never fostering new ideas - such as this post for instance, yet this post could lead to newer better ideas that do not echo but rather evolve. So, I do invite you to join me in creating a safe space here in the TFN Community purely as leisure time discussion, or dialogue. The image here is of my own design, and you'll notice that it's very concise (short); I designed it this way because anyone wanting to part take in this group is someone I'd love to hear from - your input is the group from the beginning to however long it is wanted or needed - "no end date? No problem."

Please contact me at adminassistant@tskwaylaxw.com for any input that will lead to that end goal I hope we all enjoy.

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