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Got Burdock?

Tips for beating back those burrs!

Have you ever got burdock burrs stuck to you? What about in your horse’s mane or on your dog? They are no fun! It is so hard to get them off your sweater

or out of your dog’s fur!! Here are some tips on how to get rid of burdock before those pretty purple flowers turn into big, nasty burrs!

What is Burdock?

Don’t know what we are talking about?

First of all, count yourself lucky! Second of all, look for a plant that starts out looking like rhubarb. It has large, wide leaves that grown in a cluster in its first year. In the second year, it sends up many stems with purple, thistle-like flowers that turn into loonie-sized burrs. It has a large taproot. Check out these photos and the LRISS website for more info. www.LRISS.ca

Removing Burdock

This process takes time so be prepared and patient:

Check your property and surrounding area including roads, forest, & yard edges. Remove small patches. Dig up small plants including the root. Keep an eye out for new plants and plant something else to create some competition.

If the plant has started to grow stems and flowers, the root may be too big to remove. The best method is to dig below the dirt about 5-10cm at the base of the stem and cut off ALL of the green leaves and stem. Make sure Nothing is left that could see the sun! Check for regrowth often.

Bag that Burdock!

Everything you remove should be bagged and taken to the landfill. Do not compost especially the burrs. If you have a LOT of Burdock, cutting off the flowers & burrs is a great start because burdock reproduces by seed.

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